Pae White


This is my garage studio which pretty much looks chaotic all of the time because it's simply too small and I am somewhat in denial about this. It's clear by the face-down monitor in the background that I have time management issues and there is no better team player in the art of procrastination than my dog. The problem is it's very difficult to get any work done when KeeBee is in the studio. I constantly take breaks to check on her pointy ears, or her black lined eyes, her profile, the color transitions on her hind legs, even her smell.

I think when you love someone or something so profoundly it's hard to find suitable words that encapsulate that feeling. It becomes natural to invent words or mutate language as a substitute, kind of like reverse synesthesia. When I found my dog as a puppy I named her Foggy. She became KeeBee two weeks later.