, Ilya and Emilia


... Paris.1987.

I am thinking that I did see a lot of artists working in their studios,

Even Ilya when I was very young.

But it was the first time in my life watching someone doing installation.

Ilya was by himself, I was there just visiting him.

The room was vibrating with nervous energy, anxiety, uncertainty.

I was afraid to move, to say something...

Now we are in 2012.

Working together for all those years. A lot of experience.

After all, more than 300 installations are done,

And I don't even want to know how many exhibitions.

Always together, sharing work, happy and difficult moments.

I am not afraid anymore, I know how everything works, we are a small team: Ilya and I.

And I am still fascinated by the same energy, the same fears, and the abundance of fantasy I did see at our very first professional encounter.