Franz West


Does this production for the Biennale differ from the rest of your work? As it is a new combination of sculptures, it is much larger than before. The following are comparable works I made within the last twenty years: Redundanz, 1986; Das Geraune, 1988; Spoonerism, 1986; Gebogene Begegnung, 1997. Were there any special difficulties in bringing the works to Venice? You have to ask my shipper. How do you think the sculptures work in the overall context of the Biennale? I don't know yet. During the opening there was a people jam so I had no distance. I will see the pieces again within the next weeks. Then I will be able to tell. The photo shows my bust clearly. My wife is pregnant now, and I was told that the husband also has a dumping of hormones, which I am confirmed of when I see this photo.