The Still House Group


This photograph is the present. Seeing it gives us a chance to realize that where we are is OK, that it's not all about climbing to the next level.

We started Still House over four years ago, as twenty year-olds with no long term plans in mind. It served as a platform for young artists, most of whom weren't studying fine arts and thus had no formal outlet. We set out to create an alternative model of exposure, placing an emphasis on the early work of those who we felt had exceptional promise.

As time passed, and the group began producing exhibitions, a level of synergy formed amongst us that we hoped for, but never expected. With each project completed, we emerged better artists and better collaborators. The bond strengthened. Every member became smarter and stronger, and the group as an entity was by our side evolving as we did. We always dreamed of a setup like we have now. A space with a gallery, personal studios, common space to work together, a kitchen to cook family style, a place to escape the's all here.

No matter how much we stand to gain as a result of these years, we can't help but think that we'll look back at this shot and say, those were the days.