Assume Vivid Astro Focus


The democratization of technology allows ideas and information to disseminate rapidly and reveal themselves in an endless, accumulative, unfolding, looping process. There is a feeling of being devoured by the infinite swirl of information's black hole. We are bombarded daily by an unprecedented amount of information, but our capacity to share has improved exponentially not only with respect to accessing knowledge but also in regard to our perception, communication, and expressive capabilities. This has given way to a new kind of human species, capable of absorbing and digesting loads of information at high speeds and existing in different dimensions and bodies, commuting easily between them. A new crossbreed between a human and a virus is born. Obsession, anxiety, curiosity, and generosity are central elements in our projects. Space and time are multilayered and multifaceted—and people's perception and experience of the world is finally heading the same way. Our minds and dreams are ahead of laws, politics, social codes, ethics, and even technology. We live in a world of unaccomplished dreams. Nevertheless, we are also having a more vivid taste of these dreams today, because of spreading knowledge. Unfortunately, the few generations that came before us keep holding these views back. But they will eventually fade away. Does anybody doubt that music will be free in the near future? Freedom to share/spread/absorb/assume/contaminate/inseminate/devour.