Kon Trubkovich


A painting on the wall in my studio shows a New York license plate with the words NO EXIT written on it (in this photo, the T is still missing). This painting is a good description of my year, a resolution to go nowhere fast. It even has the Statue of Liberty on it, a harbinger of good things to come...I think.

People call personalized license plates "vanity" plates. I think that's a perfect name. It is vain to have unique things! But vanity can be very beautiful too.

The appearance of activity in the studio is an illusion. The truth is that there isn't much work here now. Just two weeks before this picture was taken, all the paintings, drawings, and other oddities were shipped out for my first solo exhibition at Marianne Boesky Gallery. Also, the studio is a lot smaller than it looks in the photo, and my bed is hidden behind the bookshelf. I work and sleep in this space in New York.