Naomi Fisher


Usually when I try to make photos, I get a crew of badass gals who perpetually feel and can easily channel the beast within into a recordable photographic moment. (Kisses to Jenna, Jessie, Nikki, Jill, Shira, Stella, Ali, and all my gorgeous ladies!) When I started out, I pretty much just used my sister and myself as models due to availability and my own embarrassment in asking other people to do what needed to be done in my work. Jason's photo definitely harkens back to that way of working, when I would crawl around in the woods, or more likely someone's overgrown tropical backyard, looking for the right gesture. In this case, I'm in my friends Nikki and Clif's yard with my newest dagger, which I love because it is so rough-hewn in a pirate- princess kind of way. Lately I've been using a lot of knives and machetes in my photos as a triumphant and fatalistic romantic gesture.