Dan Graham


I am sitting in the space that doubles as a videotheque and coffee, tea, and pastry café that I designed to seat people indoors next to my Two- Way Mirror Cylinder Inside Two-Way Mirror Cube on the roof of the old Dia Foundation on 22nd Street in New York. The coffee bar was to emulate the '80s corporate atriums, like the IBM atrium on 57th Street, and the videotheque was to relate the Dia to the history of alternative spaces of the '70s that showed performances and music works. I wanted the public not to forget the recent past and to link the Dia to the only alternative space left in the neighborhood, the Kitchen. The growl on my face relates perhaps to my "anger" at the time it takes to take a photograph and to my angry demeanor as an Aries. I sometimes see myself as being a little like Khrushchev, banging his shoe at the United Nations.