Terence Koh


this photo was taken in the private office of my studio in mid-town manhattan.

like my studio, everyting in my office iz completely white.

as yoo can sea, i have even covered all my books in white matt paper as well.

on one side of my desk iz the custom bed i designed so that one can have a conversation or also foo me to take a nap. i believe that many naps makes a happy artist.

on the other side iz a window looking down (i am on highest floor of my building on the 16th floo) which shows me a complete view of downtown new york all the way to the construction of the new world trade center in the distance. it iz a great source of happiness to look at the view.

behind me iz a fishbowl. no actual living fishes in it though.

i believe that imaginary fishes, like imaginary beauty, iz enough as an idea.