Wes Lang


Here I am at my wonderful new studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I feel as though I have found my perfect environment. The creative process, or art, as people like to call it, has been effortless here. The large canvas behind me is my self-portrait as a zombie. It was started the day before this picture was taken. It's based on my Halloween costume, which has inspired an incredible outpouring of new work, to be shown in Miami for the NADA art fair. I am surrounded—on the walls and floor—by precious relics I collect, which foster the work I'm doing. Portraying myself as a zombie is not about being dead, but rather an awakening, tapping into the infinite creativity that we all hold inside. The work is about feeling good, realizing that each of us is whole and perfect as we were created. I feel unstoppable. I have found that in my world, nothing goes wrong.