Guerrilla Girls


For the Biennale, the Guerilla Girls installed six 17-foot-tall humorous posters right as you enter the Arsenale exhibition, "Always a Little Further," curated by the Biennale co-director Rosa Martinez. Two of the panels address the treatment of women artists over the 110-year history of the Biennale as well as in the museums of Venice. In one, Marcello Mastroianni "rides" Anita Ekberg. The famous still from Fellini's La Dolce Vita illustrates where Venice museums keep their artworks by women—in storage, in the basement, and underneath the men! We also have a poster lampooning the Bush Administration's terrorism color codes; one publicizing the new Hollywood epic The Birth of Feminism, featuring Pamela Anderson as Gloria Steinem; and the Girls' version of the Oscar statue—white, male, and...anatomically correct.