Cary Leibowitz


The funny thing about this photo is that I like it. I usually hate/can't stand/HATE pictures of myself with "my art" (ha, ha, ha).

I think because I look small (and rather not fat) and I am surrounded by things I like/love—I like the picture.

I feel like I'm in one of the Arbus photos of that widow sitting in her Asian-themed rooms...sad Glamour! I like Jason, and I probably did whatever he told me to do—I don't remember, but I am pretty flexible. My only demand is usually to look thin (not fat). I don't like/DO NOT like to live with the stuff I's not a humble/ego/self-hatred's just that if I made it—I can make another....

I like stuff that others make. (I wish I had more of it all!) In the future I might live with more stuff that I make because the other stuff is getting too pricey (borrring).