McGee, Barry, Stephen Powers, Todd James


In this photo we are looking at the installation in its early stages. We are in midstride with about one week left to finish. Some of the density issues we were striving for have been partially fulfilled. The trucks have been covered in graffiti by Americans, then flipped, by hand, by Italian soccer hooligans. At one point there were sixteen hooligans rocking the last van (which the photographer stood upon to take this photo) until it was finally laid to rest. This work has been in various states throughout the last year. In Venice it was fully realized, to some degree. It was expanded to fit the cavernous Arsenale. An entire block had to be added. Chop Suey and the crackhead/graffiti-artist squat were entirely new. The series is ongoing. I have worked with both Steve and Todd on the streets and in the tunnels. We go back to our respective cities and usually pick right back up where we met, indoors or out. I would have to say Venice itself is a challenge. The waterways with small boats carrying a bodega and a one-ton truck were truly breathtaking. —Barry McGee