Dave Muller


The drawing on the wall is a Top 10 that I was working on. I make drawings of different people's Top 10 LP's. I also make a list of my own Top 10 each week, a sort of diaristic practice, and some of these get drawn. This is one of mine from the week of October 16, 2005. I was in London then, installing a show at the Approach Gallery to open at the end of the week. Lotsa nice record shops in London, that's for sure. I finished this drawing the next day and sent it off to White Columns, to be auctioned off in

their benefit in April. The birthday of Matthew Higgs (the director of W.C. and a friend) falls within the week of October 16.

We went for the generic dude-with-a-brush pose....

Dave's Top 10 (for the week of October 16, 2005) Moondog – Moondog 2

Baden Powell – Le Monde Musical de Baden Powell Vol. 2 The Kinks – Percy soundtrack

Iggy Pop – Lust for Life/The Idiot (twofer)

The Birthday Party – The Bad Seed EP

Wipers – Over the Edge

Patti Smith Group – "Hey Joe"/"Radio Ethiopia" (live version) 12"

Various – Caribbean Connections (Black Music in Britain in the Early 1950s) Vol. 2

Various – Chunks (with Minutemen, Black Flag, Nig- Heist, Descendents, Saccharine Trust, and so on...) Various – Dread Meets B-Boys Downtown (Social Classics Volume 3)