Wangechi Mutu


What really goes on in my studio: In the beginning, when most known matter was but a Psycho-simulated epic in the making, kulikua biodivergent babylon babes. Walionekana kama glamazonic goldfro bearers, meaning an aphrohalo, nuclepidermis-clad species. Bizarre negronomous saintly blacknighted madonnika womanimals bequeathed and begot an intercellular guerrilla contamination sphere. Premeditated in their apocalyptik birthing, predestined to beget other Maestra queens, they imagined the messiahic narrative as a blackened diamond crusted morphological negrokestra. The project was termed My Studio and in it niwaleta altogether these boldacious Divalephants that have erupted into micro night crawlers, tumoroids, cyboraceous freedom fighters.