Kori Newkirk


This is me (the Bead Boy) in my studio, holding a bunch of the braids that hang from the aluminum bars that make up the beaded curtains that are my "thing." Behind me you can see the "wall o' beads" as well. A million beads seem to have passed through my fingers for these curtains over the years, and thousands of braids, too. The work for the Whitney Biennial is called Glint, and was first

shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego. I moved the curtains off of the wall and into the room. It's the largest curtain to date and the only one that you can walk around. It looks like a minimalist sclupture/Death Star via Whistler's Nocturnes. Think 3 a.m. walking—er, driving (remem- ber, I'm in L.A.)—everywhere and nowhere at the same time.