Jason Rhoades


Well...this is simply me in my private black pussy on Beverly Boulevard, where we held the macramé cabaret soirées/pussy harvests...and I am posed as Jean Michel Basquiat from the New York Times Magazine cover from February 10, 1985. The Basquiat photo was by Lizzie Himmel and always struck me as an amazing piece of culture, and a beautifully fucked-up, poignant piece of time, and since I never pose in front of my works, I thought this could be a resonating moment to try. So in the portrait of me and the private black pussy...I am helped with my position by Alex Israel, and I'm thinking about Desperately Seeking Susan (released March 29, 1985). I have no shoes and no shirt and a medium-size glass banana, and I am wearing my 560-thread-count Egyptian-cotton- sheet suit from Reto's, Zurich...I think Jean Michel was wearing Armani.