Sooja Kim


To Breathe: Bottari presents the Korean Pavilion as an empty bottari (bundle) and invites the bodies of the audience to be the only active performers within it.

Translucent film on the skin of the building diffracts light into a rainbow spectrum, while mirrors lining the floor and the ceiling infinitely reflect the self and the other. My breathing performance, The Weaving Factory (2004-2013), fills the air and transforms the pavilion into a breathing bottari that folds and unfolds the phnomenon with light.

Together with the space of light, To Breathe: Blackout (2013) —an anechoic chamber in complete darkness—creates a soundless dark void of infinite reflection of self: a black hole.

This installation questions visual knowledge as the known and darkness as the unknown, through two visual extremes that are connected as part of a whole.

The Pavilion becomes a physical and psychological sanctuary that raises ontological questions about our body and our mind as well as the conditions of civilization in this area.