Andrei Bartenev


In this photo I am in front of the mirror-window of my light-diode sculpture Connection Lost/Field of Lonely Hearts. The sculpture consists of large container covered on the inside by mirrors with its front side made of plate-glass, through which the viewer looks. Forty fans with diode lamps at the ends of their propellers rotate inside the container. A computer program supervises the turning on and off of each lamp in milliseconds. Along with the rotation, it creates an illusion of shapes. The mirrors and give many millions of reflections of heart symbols and the text "connection lost." This is not a laser sculpture. It's completely mechanical. It's my second experiment with this kind of technology. Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama also works in the genre of optical multireflection experiments, but this sculpture adds the dynamic of self-creation—this sculpture composes itself. It is all based on moments of accident—there are no like compositions, not a single one repeats. My recommendation for viewer: come close to the glass and look down. You will see the infinite expanse of moving light structures. By theoretical classification, this work is Abstract Expressionism, based on light-diodes technology. In your consciousness, visible shape builds abstract volume having no borders. Your mind creates the border. In this way, you are including yourself in a process of psychic interactivity.