Daniel Buren


Does this production for the Biennale differ from the rest of your work? No, if you consider that a work is always the continuation of other works and that some elements have been experimented with before (projection of color through transparent filters). Yes, if you consider the piece itself, which has no reference whatsoever as an object (shape, colors) to all the thousands of works I've already done before. Where there any special difficulties in bringing the work to Venice? I am not the best one to answer this question but let me give you a few remarks. First, the organizers found a place for my piece following some of my requests, the most important one (if not the only one) being to find a place one-hundred-percent under the sun with no trees or buildings making shadows on top of it. Second, I love the place they found just beyond the canal and quite remote from the sections of the Giardini where the crowd was too excessive. Third, my work is only completed when the sun shines and acts like a sleeping one when clouds mask it.