Lucien Smith


This is in Claverack, New York, inside a tent that I converted from a standard outdoor canopy, normally used as a temporary shelter for automobiles. Here I am in the midst of finishing a painting for my upcoming show at OHWOW Gallery titled Seven Rain Paintings, opening in September. A few months after attempting the first rain painting, I realized I needed some sort of shelter to create them. mostly because I needed the ability to mark the spray range and angle necessary to achieve consistency throughout the series. As winter came, it really proved to be tremendously helpful against the snow and rain. It would have been impossible to make these paintings without this structure, and looking back at the year I spent creating this body of work, I really wouldn't have been ableto make these paintings in the city. In that sense, they are site-specific. There's a warmth to the paintings that I don't think would have been there if I'd made them in say, somewhere like Long Island City. So I am excited to see them functioning in a gallery environment.