Allora, Jennifer and Guillermo Calzadilla


It was a great honor and privilege to work with world-class athletes from USA Gymnastics and USA Track & Field for our exhibition "Gloria" in the U.S. Pavilion. Pictured here, from left, are some of them: Sadie Wilhelmi, Dave Durante (2007 men's all-around gymnastics champion), Rachel Salzman, Olga Karmansky, Mike Moran, Chellsie Memmel (2008 Olympic silver medalist in gymnastics), Dan O'Brien (1996 Olympic gold medalist in the decathalon), and Matt Greenfield. Basically, we made a new apparatus for them to perform on, which required them to relearn and reinvent their skills as athletes. This re-skilling didn't end there but, to a certain degree, was also required of the public and their tools of comprehension.