Jeanne-Claude and I have never been represented by a gallery. Instead, our downstairs office acts as our gallery. It is here that we meet with and sell work to collectors, dealers, museums, and friends.

Three floors above the downstairs office is my studio, where I still spend most of my time. In my studio, I make preparatory sketches and collages for our works in progress, which, right now are Over the River and The Mastaba.

Many people ask us how we have the money to create our temporary artworks such as The Gates (2005) and The Wrapped Reichstag (1995). The answer is very simple. We sell preparatory work and early works, such as Package (1961) which is behind me. People come to the downstairs office to look at the work. If they want it, then they buy the work. It is with that money that we build our temporary works of art.