Liza May Post


Here you see me on a chair correcting the projection of my latest film, While. In the film you see four people sitting in a kind of waiting room or hallway. After a moment black confetti starts to fall from the sky to the floor and onto the people. In the beginning they don't seem to be affected by it. Then one of them starts stroking the confetti off the shoulder of one of the others. A third looks to see what they are doing. My films are always very short- two or three minutes - and very close to my photography. I like to show one condensed moment that still contains the elements of movement and time passing. While was completed for the Venice Biennale and was shown with three of my other films, Place (1996), Under (2000), and Bros. (1999), and two photographs, Trying '98 and Misprint '93. These large-format photos were lit from the front with special laps that create a lightbox effect. This caused some confusion among visitors who had trouble distinguishing between the moving and non-moving images, but it worked rather well with their content.