Bill Bloomfield


I'm wearing my favorite t-shirt that has Pantone color samples named after The Muppets while standing in my studio that also happens to be my kitchen. This space faces west and receives vast amounts of direct and indirect sunlight throughout the day. The large stack of curtains can be drawn closed across the length of the wall behind me and allows soft light to filter through. I like to keep a group of my paintings on this wall and change them out according to what I'm working on. I find color inspiration in nature and search for formal composition through architecture and geometry. I strive for my paintings to appear as though they almost created themselves. The trace of my hand is always present, but expression from my hand is always suppressed. The table in front of me is an extension table which in this image is fully expanded. As the sun begins to set, I'll adjust the table back to its smaller size, and the place where I'm standing becomes my kitchen again.