Drew Heitzler


This is the beginning of something. Well, not exactly a beginning, because everything is connected to what came before. A tangent then. A banana tangent. But the bananas have been around for a while, so maybe it's an end instead of a beginning. I know for sure that it's made of driftwood burl and rubber. The burl came from my artist friend Mark. A piece of three-quarter-inch glass was put on top of it, and now it's his coffee table. He owes me a painting. There is another piece of burl in my yard. That one will get rubber too.... and glass. But it will hold a 16mm projector instead of coffee cups. Maybe it will project a Woody Woodpecker cartoon. The rubber and wood contradict each other nicely, so a funny cartoon would really seal the deal. I live in Venice. It's all surfboards and motorcycles around here. Oil and water... and sometimes woodpeckers.