Chris Johanson


Almost done. Two days to go. I told myself I'd finish the day before the opening. Of course I don't do that and continue putting finishing touches on all the paintings up until the last few hours. It's a record really for me to stop even that early since I usually paint until the first person comes in to see the show. I have thought about how I am going to put this exhibition together for about six years. It is a beautiful, challenging, gigantic space, and really I couldn't tell you how many hours I have thought about how to make a situation here that will have the magic and spiritual energy that I am trying for. Even though it's technically in a gallery, this is my museum show because Jeffrey Deitch's space is like a museum as far as its cultural connection to New York—except it's more punk rock and chaotic. If anyone disagrees with that then they haven't looked at the history of the space. Christopher Garrett is deejaying. He always knows just what to play. He's one of my very favorite artists. And it's just about time to call it quits. I am burnt out for sure but so amped on what's been made. This has been a burly install, and I believe in the magic of the art. I want to do good things with the art, and I feel like that is happening with this show for sure.